1. The betting week ends Sunday at midnight.
  2. Any balance below -500 must be settled by Monday, or the account will be suspended till settlement.
  3. All balances over +500 can be withdrawn starting Monday.
  4. Max withdrawal from account is equal to your line of credit per week.
  5. All bets placed are final.
  6. Make sure to check your pending wagers to see if you're bet is in there following placing it.
  7. I reserve the right to settle any balance if the account hasn't been used in 2 full weeks.
  8. Do not bet what you can't afford!
  9. REFERRALS. Your referral will get a 500 free play for starting with me, and you will get one the first time he pays in 500 or more.
  10. Free plays must check the box at the top of the screen and can only be used for straight wagers and 2-team teasers. No props, futures, parlays, or 3+ team teasers. I will raise your max bet once your free plays have been used if you text me.
  11. If a line is deemed blatantly wrong due to input error the wager will be void. i.e. the money line was plus instead of minus.